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Buy and Sell a Forklift.com was conceived and birthed through sowing a specific seed for a specific need. The Lord gave me this idea, and here we are. Hi, my name is Jeff Reeder, and I am the President of Covenant Lift, Inc and Buy and Sell a Forklift.com. I have been selling forklifts for 20 years and have been selling parts and equipment for 35 years. I know that when you have quality and make things simpler for people, the more likely they are to use you.

Our goal here at Buy and Sell a Forklift.com is to make it easier for SELLERS and BUYERS to get together and do business. Also, we want to make this website friendly and appealing to the eye. When I met with the computer programmers as they were setting up this website, the first thing I noticed was that they were so brilliant that they sometimes forget that there are people like me who are not so computer savvy. So out of my mouth came these words. This website needs to be “REDNECK FRIENDLY”. This is in no way supposed to be demeaning; instead, it is to signify that even I can work my way through this website. You see, I consider myself to be a red neck and I am proud of it. Therefore we have incorporated on every page a mascot, called BIG FOOT. It is a YELLOW painted Monster Pickup Truck. If you ever get stuck (in the mud) you can click on Big Foot and he will take you to a help page to guide you through the area you may have a problem understanding. Hopefully you will not have to use him.

We also have available on each page advertising space for vendors to help you get your company name out in front of the customer. This will increase your exposure, which will lead to increase in your business.

We have a “Helpful Hints” page which has proven results for selling equipment.

Finally, we want to be the number one source for advertising your equipment online. We have a 2 times, national award winning tech support team that will keep Buy and Sell a Forklift.com at the top of the search engine pages, with proven results. They are also available by phone to help you.

So, now all I have to say is, “Come on gang, let’s get busy and sell some equipment”.

May the Lord’s Blessings stick to you like Super Glue. To become a member CLICK HERE.

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